About Us

ESTEBAN Y. TAN & ASSOCIATES , respected and trusted for close to 40 years now, was bourne out of the vision of Architect Esteban Y. Tan. For Architect Esteban Y. Tan, however, the possibilities are boundless and the opportunity had to be seized. And so, armed with a vision and unsurpassed dedication, he established Esteban Y. Tan & Associates. The rest, they say, is history.

But the man, as he is, never rest on his laurels, nor does he cease to recognize the potential of his craft. So in 1994, Architect Esteban Y. Tan formed a partnership with no less than his son Architect Gavino L. Tan. This partnership is known today as Esteban Y. Tan & Associates. – Architects and Planners. Still guided by the original vision, but now taking in more challenges. EYTA Architect and Planners continues to strengthen its presence by being loyal to the reputation it has built: dependable to work quality and honest-to-goodness attributes that has become the core value of the organization.