The Joy Nostalg Center

It is among the first buildings using lowe double glazing in Manila

The Joy Nostalg Center is a 42 storey building made of hotel(Oakwood), offices and bank (AUB) that stands elegantly in the Ortigas skyscape.

Inspired by Asian culture and arts, JNC is like a lantern that is transluscent and radiating emphasized Esteban Tan, the architect who designed the Joy Nostalg Center. Its simple yet functional design is an art in itself, timeless and regal. The use of glass curtain walls ensures illumination throughout the day as it also accentuates the simplicity of design. Overall, this modern building comes from a desgin that is grounded on the righ culture that is Asia.

Manila Technical Systems Co. manufactured and installed 19000m2 curtain-wall with design windload 0f 3700Pa and max 5550Pa, mostly Geode grid effect curtain wall and GEODE Toggle curtain wall.

Ever since Technal was introduced to us as a premier supplier of glass and glazing products, we hold a high regard for the company's continued product innovation and high standard of quality for the design and aluminum products they produce, says Esteban Tan. In so far as our projects that include Technal as the supplier, we and our clients are satisfied with the use of Technal products; they have exemplified that good product, good people, and good service are key ingredients in making a company relevant in the construction industry.

Contracting Authority: Asia United Bank
Architect:Arch. Esteban Tan  (Esteban Tan & Associates)
Main Contractor:Datem
Metal Builder:Technical Systems Co.